Combat Anxiety

Ideas and Tips to combat anxiety and overcome it

Tips to combat anxiety: Those of us who have gone through an anxiety attack or panic attack know perfectly well how horrible it can be, so much so that many times we wonder if we will even have some serious physical ailment. The hardest and most uncomfortable thing is that the first time he appears he does it unexpectedly, without warning, and catches us so unprepared that we don’t know how to act and we think that the feeling will overcome us.

But even worse than that is the feeling afterwards, after having been so afraid, the only thing we focus on is that the same thing will not happen to us again. And, how do we act then? We are running away from the possible situations that we intuit can generate another panic attack … every day that passes we are reducing the number of activities in our life and thus, little by little, we are giving in to anxiety, which is gaining ground and becoming the one that completely controls our life.

An anxiety attack is the alarm signal that you have a conflict, that something is happening internally that you have not yet solved. It is important that you reflect on your current moment so that you can make the necessary changes. And above all do not give in to anxiety, a single “step back” that you do is control and power that you are giving to the problem, so face it, at the pace that you want and that you feel comfortable, but look it in the face and do not let it steal an inch of ground from you.


1.- Learn to say no. And it is something that costs us a lot to assume that we will hurt someone, that we will not meet expectations, that we will feel guilty … wanting to please everyone is a huge and also useless waste.

2.- Focus on just one thing. It is important to focus on one thing at a time, although we have the ability to do many more at the same time it is good to focus only on one. Your stress levels will be greatly reduced.

3.- Plan your day. In order to carry out the previous step without that generating even more anxiety, it is recommended that you make a planning of your day, organizing your tasks as it suits you best, and leaving some space for possible unforeseen events.

4.- Ask for help if you need it. None of us are Superman or superwoman, no need to do that!, so we have neither the obligation nor the need to be able with everything. Ask other people for help, you will feel much less pressured.

5.- Enjoy everyday things. And for that very reason, because they are so everyday, we forget about them and take them for granted. But try to fully enjoy the taste of your coffee in the morning, the shared dinner with the family, the walk when you get back from work, things as simple as eating, chatting, sleeping

6.- Get rid of your limiting beliefs. It is important to be aware of the problematic thoughts and beliefs that we have, those inflexible convictions that can weigh us down a lot and can be a drag to advance through life.

7.- Control your negative thoughts. This is vital. It is proved that a single positive thought has 100 times more strength than a negative one. So start replacing your negative thoughts with those that make you feel good.

8.- Learn to distinguish real problems from imaginary ones. How many times it happens to us that we “anticipate” future catastrophes in our minds!!. This is the most erroneous thing you can do, since that future is uncertain and is still to come, and probably has nothing to do with what you are imagining now. Be aware of this.

9.- Share your anxiety with others. It is important to be able to have someone close with whom you can share your day to day, your fears, doubts, insecurities. The simple fact of verbalizing things makes us see them differently and is the beginning of healing.

10.- You’re not essential. Start getting it into your head that no one is essential and neither are you. Everything will keep spinning and running without you except yourself!