Overcoming Depression

Overcoming depression I put all my strength into this challenge

Overcoming depression: Although this website is focused on anxiety disorders and symptoms, in this article I want to talk about how to cure depression. Although there are times that anxiety is not accompanied by this problem, there are many times that the patient is experiencing these two problems simultaneously. This is common, for example, in cases of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, in which the presence of obsessive thoughts can cause the appearance of anxiety, and also depression and emotional pain.

There are times when a depression becomes clinical, and we are no longer talking about being depressed but about being sick. In this case it is essential to go to the doctor to prescribe antidepressant medication if deemed appropriate. Depression is no nonsense, because it can lead a person even to suicide. That said, in this article we will focus on the process of being depressed, not on the problem of clinical depression.

Being depressed decreases energy and even desires to get out of the depressive state. But the truth is that no one likes to be depressed. Especially if this mood drags on for several weeks, months and years, and you will probably end up in a clinical depression. Once this problem sets its engine in motion, it begins to produce real chemical changes at the brain level that maintain depression, it can be said that, depression feeds on itself.

Depression is caused by negative circumstances that favor the appearance of negative thoughts. These negative thoughts, when continued with them, causes the chemical changes that occur in the brain to make you generate more negative thoughts, until you reach a stage where all thoughts seem to be gloomy, gray and hopeless, and you will not care about anything or anyone. You will begin to crumple into a small ball of emotional self-destruction.

You have to make a clear and conscious decision, in a formal way about where and how to attack depression with all the intention of defeating it. Write this decision on a piece of paper, with the date and your signature, and paste it in a place where it can be easily seen, preferably at home and in a place where you see it every morning when you wake up. This will be your “Decision Statement for Change”.

If the root of depression is negative thoughts, you must face and make prisoners to these thoughts and annihilate them. In this way you cut the fuel intake that keeps the depression alive and functional. Then replace the negative effects with some opposite and positive reflexes of that same thought. For example, the opposite of the thought of “I’m not going to achieve anything in life, my life is a mess“, would be “I can achieve success” “there’s no reason why I can’t succeed at something” “I just have to keep trying different things”.

Another example of thought replacement would be“ “No one loves me” — this is also a very frequent negative thought. And therefore, garbage that you need to throw away. Replace this thought with its positive opposite “There are thousands of people in this world who would like to meet me” or “I have the love of my parents/children/my dog“, etc.

After a while practicing this exercise the chemical imbalance of the brain will begin to move again in the direction of normal, and positive thoughts will appear more and more without much effort. This process can be more or less compared to the process of learning to ride a bicycle. Don’t worry if the enemy strikes back.

Sometimes you really have a bad day and you can fall back into the entertainment of negative thoughts. Don’t worry – just re-read your decision statement one more time, and start over from that moment, as if you were starting with a clean slate. Leave the past behind, because that one can’t be changed anyway. Look forward and keep fighting.Find a backup.

If possible, find someone to help and encourage you. Tell them your intention to do, and explain the method you are going to use so that they can also help you and contribute with positive thoughts. Explain to them that you need their support and that you need to stay active and get out there, since being cooped up at home all day makes the problem worse. They can help you by presenting ideas that in some way allow you to reinforce your positive thoughts, and they are a company to carry out activities that keep you busy and make you feel good.

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How to overcome anxiety overview

How to overcome anxiety: Anxiety has become the fashionable mental illness of our society and of this century since the hectic life we lead, stress and personal and economic problems lead us to a dead end street that finally cause a generalized discomfort difficult to control. Recognizing anxiety is essential to learn how to overcome it in a moment of crisis that can arise at home, on the street, in a restaurant, at work, on a trip and even continuously as a habitual state. This famous pathology knows no gender, age or race so it can be your enemy at some point in your life, therefore, learn how to overcome it without fear.

Although there are no magic formulas for this case, we do have some ways of life that help anxiety attacks stop occupying our lives and detract from our quality of life.

Controlling and overcoming anxiety are two very different concepts and each one involves a series of specific techniques and behaviors. But here you are going to learn how to overcome it and the first step is to identify the problem and recognize it as such, accepting its appearance and being willing to treat it. In this way, we will find a state of greater tranquility to apply the necessary logic to those real reasons that cause us the same. Once, let’s give valid and rational arguments that make us see the problem smaller and without so much gravity, anxiety will gradually begin to decrease.

Physical exercise is really necessary to release the accumulated serotonin and helps to feel good about oneself. A lot of tension is released and both the body and the mind will thank you for it. If you also complement it with massages or baths based on natural plants, spas or relaxing activities, you will notice how the body begins to relax and the stress situation that has caused you anxiety, looks much smaller and further away. Remember that the waters, preferably colder than hot, have better results in these cases to release tensions. But you have a wide range to choose from massages, breathing exercises, relaxation tapes, etc.

Looking for some alternative therapy, preferably natural, that give you the security of relaxation, as for example, read a book, admire the landscape, listening to music, meditating, traveling, watching a movie, any activity that allows you to forget the daily problems that you’re hurt and who help you to empty your negative thoughts so you can focus all your attention on a stimulus nice and voluntary and does not need any abrupt changes. In this way, you will get your choice to become more than a stress that will only cause you more anxiety and more sinking, in a relaxation response. Keep in mind that all mental disorders are caused by thoughts and when we think we do it in the form of words, images and sensations. That is why, when we choose a word, an image or a sensation as a relaxation technique, we are interfering directly and clearly in our way of thinking. Hence, the result is always positive and optimal.

You don’t just have to take care of your mind since the body is the result of what we think. We are what we think, yes, but we are also what we eat and a diet rich in natural and balanced foods is the basis of all well-being, above all, a diet in which antioxidant properties predominate or that contains vitamin B or magnesium, ideal to overcome anxiety.

Finally, there is no doubt that everything you do to overcome an anxiety crisis has to be accompanied by a positive and different attitude than the one you have had so far seeing that it has not helped you. Focus all your attention and all your energy on your well-being and feel that what you do you like and benefits you. If some aspects of your life irritate you, then the way to prevent anxiety from returning to your lifestyle, perhaps it can be by proposing to make some changes but from tranquility and rationality.

Obviously, most people who suffer from high-grade anxiety attacks and are unable to overcome it alone, go to therapists specialized in this field applying techniques and dedicating time that can change your life. It’s just a matter of getting down to business.